How to order on Aliexpress

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba Group. Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace aimed at business-to-business offer. Aliexpress is their business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer expansion.

Aliexpress is an online marketplace. Small businesses in China have a shop on the online marketplace, where they can sell to international customers. You can find EVERYTHING on Aliexpress and most of the time it’s a lot cheaper than the prices you are used to.

How to buy on Aliexpress?

  1. You have to make an account on Aliexpress. You fill in your adres and billing information. AliExpress supports Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Debit Card, Western Union, and wire transfer via banks.
  2. Now the fun can begin. Since Aliexpress is a marketplace a lot of different vendors can open a shop on you have to be careful of the shop you choose. There are a lot of shops that are good but from time to time you can stumble upon a bad one.
  3. When you have found an item you like. You have to look at the number of feedbacks the item has. Does it have a good rating? In the feedback area customers also have the option to share a picture of their order. Look at the pictures in feedback to see if the product is as described. Also check the vendors rating. If it’s around 80-100% you have yourself a good shop!
  4. Buy the item with the prefered payment option. A lot of vendors on Aliexpress provide FREE SHIPPING ( AWESOME!), so usually you don’t have to pay extra for that! For a complete list of countries Aliexpress ships to click here.
  5. Wait for your order to arrive. With China post it can take up to 3 weeks, with e-packet you can get your order in a few days (E-packet is currently not available in every country). For a complete list of countries Aliexpress ships to click here.
  6. Any questions? Put them below and we will try to answer as soon as possible! You can also contact us throught the contact page.

Aliexpress also has a mobile app. You can download the app for free here. The app is very simple to use and you can login with the account you made on their website. The Aliexpress app gives you access to exclusive deals, coupon codes and discounts that cannot be found on their website.

How can I contact Aliexpress?

Aliexpress doesn’t provide a contact number you can contact them at right away. They do have an excellent chat service where you can chat with their customer service team 24/7. You can reach the Aliexpress customer service here.

Is Aliexpress a Scam?

Many people are still a bit reserved about ordering on Aliexpress and that’s understandable. In essence Aliexpress is a marketplace and like every marketplace there are good and bad vendors. But if you follow the information we provided the risks will be minimalized as much as possible.


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