Update : G*cci Replica Shirt

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Hey guys!

Since the link of the G*cci Replica Shirt kept dissapearing… we found a new one for you! This time it’s a little different so we made some instructions.

  1. Go here. You will see a shirt with a rose on it. This is actually a hidden link for the G*cci Shirt. The Aliexpress sellers make links for brand products with different pictures so their shop won’t close down. So if you order this rose shirt in white you get the G*cci Shirt in White. If you order it in black you get the G*cci Shirt in Black.  I messaged the seller to confirm this is a hidden link as you can see in picture below. Go to step 2, If you want with real tag inside.


2. Now if you order this one…. by default you will get a G*cci shirt with a tag of their own company inside. If you want the shirt with the REAL logo inside. You need to order it and then you will see a message box. In that message box you write ‘Valentina Sent me’. Me and the vendor came up with this, so he knows you want the real logo! πŸ™‚ Picturs of our conversation below and pictures of the shirt with tag inside and without tag inside .

Questions? Don’t hesitate to message me!


25 thoughts on “Update : G*cci Replica Shirt

      1. Please could you provide me with the link for the one you found for $26, I think the ‘GUCCI’ text on the t shirt posted at the top is too dark and looks too fake… I am looking for the exact same as the white t shirt you originally posted on 3rd May – I really hope you can help me out πŸ™‚ Great website by the way!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to research & post this for ur readers. You go the extra mile & You are appreciated 😘


  2. omg I am SO happy I found this website!! Plz accept my request on FB I want to add things to my cart before 11.11 thanks!!


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